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Everyday as I listen to the News on our desi channels it sets my blood on fire as the impassive news reader reads out news of young girls being violated and killed. The brutality and beastiality of such pre-mediated acts by such sub human creatures not fit enough to be called humans exposes the hypocrisy of our society that lauds itself on deifying women as Devis or Durgas and of course the eternal image of Mother… revered and sublime.

 What angers the most is that a man is brought into this world from the womb of a woman and nurtured to manhood by a woman who has been his progenitor and nurturer. Yet succumbing to his carnal desires he defiles other women in the most sadistic and inhuman manner. The present government has declared zero tolerance for such heinous acts and this is the litmus test for the powers-that -be to crush these perpetrators ruthlessly so that never again such a crime will be repeated in our country.

Even reading the newspaper nothing but nothing stares one in the face but these news items of molestation and rape from all strata of society which is a sad reflection of a SICK and AILING society riddled with the virus of debauchery and indulgence of the body and mind.


Light & Shadows

Oh  to be blogging!!!!!! Hurrah! Feel as if I have ascended the peaks of happiness as a blogger,”Expression” has become my middle name

A new dawn of words has arisen from the shadows of time lighting up the corners of life so to speak, creating oodles of expressions of varied contours…. all freshly minted and hand picked from the garden of life.

The cloak of anonymity gives an adrenaline rush as I write my blog and chuckle in delight, testing the waters before wading inside and sinking without a ripple on the surface. Ciao!